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Aquaroll Aquaroll - 40L

Aquaroll - 40L

The Aquaroll is the Original Rolling Water Carrier.Aquarolls are designed to be used with the 29/40 litre Aquaroll Mains...

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Aquaroll Wastemaster - 38L

Wastemaster - 38L

The Wastemaster was introduced in 1994 and is produced to the same exacting standards as the Aquaroll. A choice of two...

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Aquaroll Aquaroll Mains Adaptor for 29Ltr and 40Ltr

Aquaroll Mains Adaptor for 29Ltr and 40Ltr

A safe and reliable way to maintain a constant supply of water to your caravan. The Aquaroll Mains Adaptor allows you to...

Aquaroll Aquaroll Bag - 29/40L

Aquaroll Bag - 29/40L

The official Aquaroll storage bag will protect your caravan or motorhome when transporting your water container. Manufactured...

Aquaroll Hitchman Bag for the Aquaroll Mains Adaptor

Hitchman Bag for the Aquaroll Mains Adaptor

Planning a caravanning or camping break? You may to want a few creature comforts around to make your trip a little more...

Aquaroll Aquaroll handle

Aquaroll handle

Hitchman spare Aquaroll aluminium handle is supplied in three easy to assemble pieces...

Aquaroll Aquaroll Stand - 40L

Aquaroll Stand - 40L

AquaRoll 40 ltr Stand is for those who wish to enjoy the benefits of the Aquaroll whilst camping...

Aquaroll Aquaroll 80mm Tap

Aquaroll 80mm Tap

This fine tap for your aquaroll makes water easier to reach...

Aquaroll Aquaroll Filler Tube

Aquaroll Filler Tube

A filler tube for caravan 29 litre/40 litre aquaroll carriers. Very easy to use, just push onto the tap and drop the hose...

Aquaroll Wastemaster & Aquaroll Cap

Wastemaster & Aquaroll Cap

Perfect for use on your caravanning holiday, this reliable cap is for use with Aquaroll products.80mm diameter...