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Boost Caravan WiFi, Motorhome WiFi and Canal boat WiFi with ease. The Kuma WiFi package is a complete solution to pick up and boost an external wireless signal and repeat it at full strength.
This allows you to create your own secure wireless network in your caravan, motorhome or canal boat and share the boosted connection with all your devices.

Everything you need to boost and share a motorhome WiFi connection is included.

The system is compatible with any device which is WiFi enabled, even if it does not have a USB port. You can connect your laptop, iPad, tablet, smartphone or Kindle all at the same time! 
There are no disks or drivers to install on your devices and no wires between you and the system.
If your caravan site charges per device then you will save money instantly if 2 devices connect, (a smartphone and an iPad for example), as the Kuma WiFi Kit will only be seen once by the caravan site router.

The package consists of two main components  The Kuma High-Powered Long Range Directional WiFi Antenna which will pick up any available WiFi network as far away as 1.5km and the Kuma Wireless Repeater which will enable you to rebroadcast this boosted signal.
Also included is a 5m USB cable to connect the antenna with the receiver, mounting kit, as well as 12v  DC and 230v AC power supplies. Remember our system uses a high power directional antenna  this can take a few seconds longer to set up than an omni-directional antenna but will provide much better results, as you have to transmit to the internet as well as receive when you click your mouse or screen. This is why directional antennas win every time.

To set up  Simply point the directional antenna at the caravan wifi signal, connect the repeater to the antenna with the USB cable and then all your devices can connect to the external internet connection wirelessly.
If your marina canal boat wifi solution is the same, the identical procedure is followed. This can be very useful if your internet service charges you per device, as many do, as you will only need one connection for your laptop, phone, iPad etc. No more expensive bills to connect the kids smartphones.

The wireless repeater is compatible with the Kuma 3G dongle which will enable you to access and share a 3G internet connection in areas where WiFi is not available.
Please note, we have carried out extensive testing and found this to be the only 3G dongle compatible with this kit! If you have your own 3G dongle it will most likely not work with this kit.
You can however use your current data SIM card in the Kuma Dongle, click here for details. Simply follow the instructions included to use the data connection on the mobile phone network.

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Brand KUMA
Collect In Store No
Our Part Number GROQQ040140
Barcode 5060411520356

Includes a 5 meter 2.0 USB lead designed to plug straight from the antenna into the Kuma Router.
Built-in router software security password configuration.
Kuma Router Dimensions: 10cm x 7.2cm x 2.5cm
Kuma Router Wheight: Unit Only 81g
Power Connections: 12v/240 Volt.
A 16 dBi gain antenna and has a 150M transmission speed to boost signal up to 1.5km (equivalent to a mile)
Compatible with Windows ME/Vista/7/8/10, Mac OS 10.5-10.8 and all mobile devices.
Includes DHCP for dynamic custom IP configuration.
User-definable application sensing tunnel supports applications requiring multiple connections.
Easy setup and management through web browser interface on any operating system that supports TCP/IP.
Compatible with all popular Internet applications Windows ME/Vista/7/8/10 and Mac OS 10.5-10.8
Comes with a 2 Year Manufactures Warranty and set up guide.
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