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Muc-Off Car Shampoo 500mls

Muc-Off Car Shampoo 500mls

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Muc-Off Ubershine is a supreme flag flying Car Shampoo that possesses intense cleaning power and the gorgeous smell of fresh apple's.

The results you get from washing your car with Ubershine are clear to see, all thanks to the way this perfectly pink PH Balanced shampoo breaks down tough dirt, oil and road grime, without compromising any valuable wax protection you may have previously applied.

The final touch is that our shampoo houses specially engineered water softeners designed to reduce deposits in hard water, to leave behind a spot-free, luxurious shine.

So whether you're giving your car its weekly wash or tackling 2 month's worth of abuse from the winter's weather ? Muc-Off Ubershine Car Shampoo is the product for you.

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