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True Utility True Utility Clip Tool TU192

True Utility Clip Tool TU192

Features:Powerful small pliers, knife, file, Phillips screwdriver and bottle opener. Quick release clip for easy on/off...

True Utility True Utility Scarab TU204

True Utility Scarab TU204

Features:Pliers,wire cutter,knife, screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, nail file and finger nail cleaner. Key ring attachment...

True Utility True Utility Leather FobTool TU252B

True Utility Leather FobTool TU252B

This very thin multi tool manages to squeeze an unbelievable amount into the tiniest of spaces. Includes a flat knife,...

True Utility True Utility FlashStash TU304

True Utility FlashStash TU304

0.5W LED white light, 30+ lumens, twist on/off light. High quality neoprene 'O' rings throughout for water resistance. Key...

True Utility True Utility Sporknife TU201

True Utility Sporknife TU201

Features:Fork, spoon, serrated edge, bottle opener, locks together for comfortable use, folds down to a compact size, quick...

True Utility True Utility TagTool TU232

True Utility TagTool TU232

Features:5 tools in 1. Flat safety knife, serrated knife, screwdriver, file and bottle opener. Quick release clip included....

True Utility True Utility KeyRing System TU245

True Utility KeyRing System TU245

4xstainless steel quick release cleverclips, stainless steel key shackle, strong stainless steel key ring. Simply a better...

True Utility True Utility KeyTool TU247

True Utility KeyTool TU247

Bottle opener, eye glass screwdriver, medium screwdriver, large screwdriver, nail file, finger nail cleaner, thread cutter,...

True Utility True Utility MiniDriver TU231

True Utility MiniDriver TU231

Features:Adjustable spanner, 4 easy to grip finger grooves enable you to undo nuts and bolts (0-20mm 3/4") with increased...

True Utility True Utility CashStash TU241

True Utility CashStash TU241

Features:Steel cash clip, waterproof 'O' ring. 10mm split key ring attachment emergency cash capsule for your key ring. Cash...

True Utility True Utility Telepen TU246

True Utility Telepen TU246

Ball point pen telescopicthat opens to full length. 3 refills included (black ink). Key ring attachment engineeded in...


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True Utility True Utility Twistick TU248

True Utility Twistick TU248

Full size coated corkscrew helix, 4mm stainless steel bar, 10mm split key ring attachement. The stainless steel bar passes...

True Utility True Utility Compact MicroLite TU283

True Utility Compact MicroLite TU283

Twist on/off swith LED bulb brightness output 0.22W per LED total output 0.6W, input 60 MA silicone chip. Water resistant. 4...

True Utility True Utility HardCase TU601

True Utility HardCase TU601

Parachute cord with length adjuster, US military style braided cord, breakaway lanyard clasp. versatile and weatherproof with...